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Tax Preparation/Electronic Filing

  • At Moorhead Patterson & Company, PC tax preparation is a year-round concern. In addition to attending seminars throughout the year, our staff is equipped with the most extensive up-to-date research material available. In these changing times, where congress seems to pass major tax reform on an annual basis, the importance of keeping abreast of the latest developments cannot be overstated. Long after the tax season has ended we are busy consulting and planning for the new tax year. We believe that the tax season really begins on April 16.

Our tax services include individual, fiduciary, partnership, corporate, non-profit tax returns and many others. We routinely prepare multiple state returns for individuals moving into and out of the area as well as for businesses selling goods and services across state lines. In short, all of your tax planning and preparation needs can be found under our roof. We encourage you to visit our Staff page for a look at the experience we offer in this field.

Our efficiency in the preparation of individual income tax returns allows us to offer these services at very competitive rates. For basic tax returns (including schedule A & B) we will often have your tax returns printed and packaged by the end of your 

appointment. Contact us, answer a few short questions, and we will give you a quote. For more complex returns our fees are based on a combination of time spent and forms completed.

Given the complexity of today’s tax regulations, many taxpayers find themselves faced with incomprehensible forms and conflicting advice. Be assured that any complex issues are treated properly and to your best advantage by giving Moorhead Patterson & Company, P.C. the opportunity to prepare your tax returns.

ELECTRONIC FILING – Moorhead Patterson & Company, PC was one of the first accounting firms in the area to enroll in the federal electronic filing program. Since its inception, electronic filing has experienced tremendous growth and popularity. Completed returns undergo rigid testing prior to transmission to ensure a mechanically accurate filing. We transmit your return directly to the IRS rather than through an intermediary. Refunds normally will be wired to your bank account within two weeks. Also, your refund can be tracked using the refund tracker on the website.