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One of the most tedious functions in any office these days is payroll. What once was a simple matter of multiplying hours by rate now involves overtime, sick pay, vacation pay, garnishments, union dues, pension plans, health insurance, and multiple state taxes, just to name a few. It is no wonder that many small and medium sized companies have turned to outside professionals to relieve them of this burden.

For years Moorhead Patterson & Company, PC has been providing clients with payroll assistance using state of the art software capable of handling almost any combination of earnings and withholdings your employees may have. Paychecks are formatted to meet the needs of each individual client and include year-to-date summaries on every paystub. Additionally, we prepare all federal and state payroll tax returns including forms 941, W2, W3 and unemployment tax returns. We will even call in your electronic federal tax payment (EFTP) at your request.

Be sure to view Computer Services for a discussion of our client in-house software designed to simplify your payroll processing and integrate seamlessly with our general ledger software. Give us a call or contact us via the website so that you can get on with the challenge of managing your business.